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Virtual OPI Workshops for individual registration are held twice per year. Modified OPI Assessment Workshops begin in January and in June, and OPI Assessment Workshops are held in February and in July.

Detailed schedules and registration open approximately each November and April. We hold multiple language-specific cohorts for each OPI Assessment Workshop, along with several English/Mixed Language cohorts. Please contact for more information.

Modified OPI Assessment Workshop

  • January 8 – February 11
  • Live Zoom Sessions on January 18, February 1, February 3, February 4
  • English/Mixed Languages Cohorts

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OPI Assessment Workshop

  • February 5 – March 10
  • Live Zoom Sessions on February 15, February 29, March 2, and March 3
  • Chinese Cohort, Spanish Cohort, and English/Mixed Languages Cohorts

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Current Workshops

ACTFL Classroom Instructional Strategies Workshops

ACTFL offers  virtual, synchronous workshops on a variety of topics related to classroom teaching practices, classroom assessment, and lesson, unit, and curriculum design multiple times each year.

Engage with your colleagues and exceptional ACTFL facilitators during each live virtual event. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from ACTFL facilitators, collaborate and apply their learning during breakout sessions and discussion forums with fellow participants, and then share ideas and takeaways with the larger group. Each workshop will include activities to apply your learning and participants will leave the workshop with practical tools, examples, and tasks, ready to use within their classrooms.

Workshop Descriptions

ACTFL Assessment Workshops

ACTFL holds virtual assessment workshops multiple times per year that are open for individual registration. These workshops include the OPI Familiarization, OPI Assessment, and Modified OPI Assessment.

Want to be able to accurately distinguish the ranges between a beginner language learner’s memorized speech and the complex opinions and theoretical musings of a highly sophisticated speaker of a language? Join your language teaching colleagues across the world to understand the 10 different levels that can be used to rate a language learner’s speaking ability within the context of a spontaneous, authentic conversation – the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI). Discover the ways in which the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines, the Oral Proficiency Interview, and OPI Tester Certification can benefit your career and improve your teaching strategies to guide your learners to the next level.

The OPI and Modified OPI (MOPI) Assessment Workshops introduce the ACTFL rating scale, the structure of the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and techniques of administering and rating the OPI, including its applications in the language classroom. Participants observe and conduct practice interviews across a range of proficiency levels. These workshops are similar to the in-person 2-day MOPI and 4-day OPI workshops and include additional content.

With this virtual format, participants will work asynchronously on the modules at their own pace, participate in two videoconferencing sessions for facilitator-led discussion and respond to prompts for reflection and application via a discussion board. The last portion of the course includes practice interviews with feedback and discussion from the facilitator. Each participant who wants to pursue certification needs to conduct a practice interview with guidance from the facilitator. The workshops are intensive and require a significant time commitment both on-demand and in live synchronous videoconferencing sessions.

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Workshop Descriptions

Which Workshop is Right for Me?

The OPI and MOPI workshops are very similar. Consider these factors when choosing the right workshop for you:

In order to be certified to conduct advisory OPIs from Novice Low through Superior, you must pursue Full Certification, which means you must both have a Superior personal OPI rating within the target language and complete an OPI Workshop.

If you do not need or wish to conduct advisory OPIs across the full range of proficiency levels, you can pursue Limited Certification. This certification allows you to conduct advisory OPIs from Novice Low through Intermediate High. In this case, you can complete a MOPI Workshop instead of an OPI Workshop but must have a personal OPI rating of at least Advanced Mid within the target language.

Requirements to Participate

As prerequisite to qualify to attend an OPI or MOPI workshop as well as apply for ACTFL OPI Tester Certification, registrants must be affiliated with (currently or previously) an academic institution as defined by ACTFL, have an undergraduate degree in a related field, and have a minimal proficiency level of Advanced Mid in the language of the workshop.

An academic institution is an accredited school, college, or university where foreign languages are taught. The term "affiliation with an academic institution" is defined as a current or previous faculty and/or staff member involved in the instruction or evaluation of language students. Private language companies that offer translation services or language testing do not qualify under ACTFL's definition of an academic institution. Private for-profit companies do not qualify.

OPI Tester Certification

After completing an OPI or MOPI workshop, participants will be eligible to pursue ACTFL OPI Tester Certification, if desired. Participants may apply for certification in any language regardless of the language of training.

Registrants intending to apply for Full OPI Tester Certification must participate in an OPI Assessment Workshop. Registrants intending to apply for Limited OPI Tester Certification may participate in either an OPI Assessment or MOPI Assessment Workshop.